Students & Long Term Car Rental

In Curacao the transport systems in place are not always reliable and safe especially at night. The best way to become independent in Curacao is to rent a car to visit our beautiful beaches and go out to the parties.

We are a professional Car Rental Company specialized in Long Term Car Rentals for students.

Possible vehicles for Long Term Rentals:

* Kia Picanto’s (2011)

*  Chevrolet Sparks (2011)

*  Suzuki Swifts (2011)

Vehicles include the following:

* Full insurances, no age restrictions

*  Unlimited mileage

*  24/7 Roadservices and towing

* Second driver free

* Airco

*  Radio/cd player

Terms and conditions:

We are a cash car rental company, no creditcard needed. (You can pay with your debit card)

We require;

*  A valid copy of your drivers licence

*  Naf 850,00 deposit

*  Your first month car rental payment up front


Please contact us for an offer!!